Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Selamat datang ke Langkawi Part II

So were you all waiting with abated breath to see part II of my Langkawi photos? Well ........ a girl can dream, right? :p

Since we'd already missed breakfast hours in the resort, we headed out to get prawn noodles for brunch

We wasted no time in getting to the beach

Our 3 man decided to jet-ski while the rest of us sat it out
Meg was theoretically playing with sand but in truth she was playing with Shereen's feet

My arm looked so skinny in this photo! Wahahaha ......
An adorable Thai girl who gamely posed for my camera
Getting ready for our banana boat ride! Meg's terrified of water.

My 1st time & it was fun, fun, fun! We even went for a 2nd ride after that without Meg so that we can get dunked into the sea.
Elise getting ready for para-sailing

And then someone got stuck in the tree! Poor fella, he must have been up there for at least 20mins before they finally got him down.

Joanne's turn
Next up - my little warrior!
Meg was so brave! Can you imagine I chickened out at the last min?! *sheepish* But seeing that man stuck on the tree, I believed I was right in my choice! Knowing myself, I could have easily became the next poor sod.
She sure outdid me!

Coming down!

Amrish is game for everything!
After all the activities, we headed back to our quiet part of the beach. Cheryl & the ladies took Meg off my hands so that I was allowed some peaceful time all to myself.
This is life indeed - reading a book, lying on the beach & listening to the sound of the crashing waves. Thinking of changing my blog title to A Summer Affair. What do you guys think?

Muahahaha ..... my ugly toes!!!

Just before we were due to go back
A big thank you to Ben for finding us this little gem of a resort. Just a word of caution though, do NOT take the honeymoon suite! We took that & other than the bathroom is bigger than other rooms, every other aspect of it sucked. We much preferred the rest of the normal rooms!

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