Monday, April 05, 2010

Hokkaido Day 2 - Abashiri

Been staring at this post for the longest time but just can't seem to find any words for it. Sigh ....... myself to blame for being so out of touch. There goes my dream of being a full time blogger :p

Rise & shine!
My staple breakfast - porridge ♥♥♥
Stunning snowy backdrop
Love this pic!
I couldn't get luckier being flanked by 2 hunks. My current profile pic on Facebook *hearts*
Kamikawa Ice Pavilion
Experience the coldness of -41℃ in memory of a time in 1905 where temperatures dropped to this level. We were each given a towel & we watched it freeze instantaneously when the temperature zoomed right down. Check out our 'roti prata' towel in the pic - amazing!
Had an enormous amount of fun snow sledding ✶
Awesome scenery
Pretty good shots for starters I think :p
Gin Ga & Ryu Sei Taki (husband & wife waterfalls)
Fell flat on my bum ~~ bummer
Gin Ga No Taki (Husband)
Brrr .... freezing! I bought that hat from Topshop in Oxford - kept me totally warm. Looks very OTT though :p
Ryu Sei No Taki (We took one look at it & burst out laughing. Now we see why it's the 'wife' waterfall :p)
My favourite time of the day again - LUNCH. And even better, it's in a microbrewery - BEER!
Okhotsk Beer Factory
Lake Kussharo
❄ An igloo ❄
My 1st time trying out snow mobile
Trying to capture sundown
Thought the angle was great
And I decided to pose for a shot (not candid, mind you :p)
Yipeeee ..... onsen hotel! Abashiri Hokuten Hotel
I couldn't believe my eyes at the array of food presented
What a feast!
Headed outdoor for the foot hot spring. But oh my, the cold!!! Can you imagine we were walking out there only in our yukata?
Of course, we can't resist cam-whoring. Not just me but the entire lot of us!
Machiam super studious when it's all an act :p
We love souvenir shops!
I had at least 1 ice-cream per day. Now that explains my size, doesn't it?
Chill ~~~
Then it's hot springs & more beer just before sleep. Totally satiated :D

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