Friday, April 30, 2010

Cooking for dummies - Chawanmushi anyone?

Erykca had a craving for my chawanmushi & I gladly obliged to fulfill my role as a doting sis. BTW, Meg thinks that I make the best CHAWANMUSHI in the world (and she hardly lavish praises!) :p The recipe was give to me by Aunty Mary & I loved it cos it's so easy to make! If a cooking idiot like me is able to master it, you can too.

This is the 2nd batch of chawanmushi - ran out of some ingredients but tastes just as yummy.
Custard: 4 eggs/ 1 tbsp Kikkoman soya sauce/ 300ml Dashi Stock (10gm/sachet)/ 2 tbsp Mirin
Condiments: 60g diced chicken leg/ naruto (Japanese fish cake)/ shitake mushrooms/ crab-meat sticks/ gingko nuts

1. beat & then strain the eggs
2. add the rest of the ingredients for the custard into the eggs & then strain again for a smooth texture

3. divide the custard & condiments into the steaming cups - fill it only 3/4 full
4. cover the steaming cups with cling wrap to get a smooth surface

5. steam for 15mis over a low fire (longer if cup is bigger) - temperature too high will cause bubbles

Ta-da!!! I'd steamed it a tad too long & hence the cracks :p You may also serve it cold with salmon roe if you like. Enjoy!

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