Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trista's lil' bundle of joy & The Arena

Ok, so no blading & cycling afterall. Meg hasn't completed her homework & so that means we're confined for the day. Well, I'm actually kinda secretly happy inside cos that means I get to slack :p Hence, I'm back to blogging! ✍

Heading off to see Trista's lil' bundle of joy yesterday

This one's taken with my lousy HTC Tattoo

I just ❤ babies ..... they're such angels

Proud mummy Trista

In the night, it's off to THE ARENA to meet up with the peeps of Gudu Gudu Club

Shenna, Belinda, Peggy, Shuhanth & Amrish

Peggy, my photography consultant

They can dance non-stop & to everything! *amazed*

But I think no one can beat Amrish - he was definitely in his elements last night!

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