Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Will you miss me?

Posted this pic in Facebook on Saturday when I was on the way to make prayer offerings to my grandma. I also mentioned that I missed her a lot. Interestingly though, all the comments following that was of how much we all missed her cooking.

It sets me thinking ........... since no one will ever miss my cooking, I wonder then if anyone will miss me at all when I die ..........


  1. i will miss you chawanmushi~!
    in fact im missing it right nw =D

    ps: i'll still miss u even if chawanmushi doesnt exist *winks* simply cuz ur my dearest sis n i L*VE you!!!!

  2. *Sob* I'm sooo touched! I'll get down to the chawanmushi once I get the ingredients :D

  3. hehe... aiya! just saw ur reply~ alrdy ask u personally *winks*

  4. duh.. of cos you'll be missed.. everyone meets everyone for a reason, be it a moment or a lifetime.


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