Friday, March 26, 2010

Hokkaido Day 1 - Asahikawa

I can assure those who thought that this blog is now defunct, it is not. Too much traveling had resulted in me being distracted from blogging. But now I'm back! For good :D I'm feeling a tad bit out of touch though, so do bear with me till I get my bearings back.

I spent half a month with Uniz's family in Oxford and Czech Republic last December; then in January went for a short getaway in Genting (my very 1st time) with Ken; and finally an incentive trip to Hokkaido with my company in March. I don't think I can do much blogging about my trip to Europe and Genting now but I hope to at least showcase all the gorgeous photos I took in Hokkaido.

I rushed to buy myself a Canon EOS D1000 just before going to Hokkaido and I'm mad lovin' it! (But my butter fingers managed to drop the camera during mid of the trip -__-"".) So without further ado, let's take a look at my virgin attempt with my brand new camera.

When our long overnight flight finally landed in Hokkaido, all of us were absolutely famished & couldn't be happier that our 1st stop was lunch!
The one thing I was totally looking forward to during this trip was the food. Food glorious food ...... this rice was out of this world. Adding tea into it really enhances the flavour.
My roomie - Stephanie
Hearts the pics taken with my new camera!
My younger twin - Paul
Pit-stop & shopping en route to our hotel
Hokkaido, ready or not, here I come!
Asahikawa Grand Hotel
Then guess what? Dinner time! It's food again :p Albeit kinda disappointing though. We were looking for authentic Japanese food but were served Western instead. On our 1st night too ..... But I gotta grudgingly admit that it was great all the same. Most of the group went for a look-see plus ramen outside of the hotel after dinner but I guess the flight proved too much for me & despite the lure of Ramen, I decided on beauty sleep instead.

Stay tuned for Hokkaido Day 2!

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