Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wherever my pink boots take me - Chinatown, San Francisco, CA

I'm waiting impatiently for Meg to be back from her trip. So a short continuation on my USA trip while I wait.

Burger King breakfast at the airport prior to departing for our next destination, San Francisco

My roomie - Sandra aka Ah Tiong

Touched down!

Make a guess, where's our 1st stop?

Lunch in Chinatown

Then it's off for some sight-seeing

My very dear friend - Sal

Can't help it but all of us stopped to scrutinize the ladies :p



Our crabs are well-known far & wide

Now I'm confuse ……..

Tom Cruise?!?!

We saw loads that day but that's way too many pics to fit into 1 post. I'm just awful at filtering photos :p If I had my way, I would have uploaded all the pics from my camera into this blog. So later, till I take you for a trip to Fisherman Wharf. XOXO

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