Friday, December 09, 2011

Ester & Ryan's wedding

Meg had just left for Penang with her dad & I'm having real trouble falling asleep without her right next to me. So I'll attempt 1 more post before I head off to bed.
Attended my cousin, Ester's wedding on 29/10/11 (super late post yet again)

Meg & Dylan kicking off the program

Since I'm going to be out of job soon, please do consider me if you guys need an emcee, ok? I'm effectively bilingual! hahaha …….

Erykca's maiden attempt at being an emcee & she did a real wonderful job!

Meg's attempt was really good too! I'm a proud mommy :)

Huat ah! (that's what we were supposed to be shouting, though it sure didn't look it.)

Wishing Ryan & Ester a lifetime of marital bliss!

With the exception of Meg, all of us are cousins. The most awesome bunch of people that I can call family.

The entire extended family from my mum's side ♥

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