Monday, December 12, 2011

Wherever my pink boots take me - San Francisco, CA

Here's the continuation to the previous post on San Francisco
Fishermans Wharf


We just had lunch but we're not leaving without tasting the famous crab & clam chowder

Next stop

I can't resist posting these pics. These 2 were way cute!

We had so much fun jumping around :D

That we just can't stop doing it!

I had the best fun ever travelling with these ladies

Busy busy day of non-stop sight-seeing

Golden Gate Bridge

Attempted a panoramic shot but the battery died on me soon after

At long last, we're finally at our hotel in San Francisco

Took this shot from my room when the rest went clubbing. I chose to stay cos I was getting too home-sick & feeling really down. I was missing Meg like mad! I get this way everytime I travel without Meg.  But 1 more day & I'll be flying home!

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