Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ching Ming

It's Ching Ming, also known as 'grave sweeping day', is a day for mourning the dead, a day for Chinese families to visit and tend to ancestors' graves.

So early this morning, my parents, Megan & I trooped to visit our grandmother's grave, her 1st Ching Ming ........... It's been a while since I last visited her, I was just thinking about visiting her when my mum tells me it's Ching Ming and we're going to pay respects. It must be grandma telling me not to forget to visit her during Ching Ming :)

I am thankful for the relentless hot sun today, for I kept my shades on, even when indoors. Nobody could tell that I was crying behind those shades. I couldn't help it. The moment I lit the joss sticks and started speaking to her, my tears welled up. And when I saw her picture at the grave, I can't trust myself speaking for fear of giving myself away.

I hadn't known that it would be so difficult to get over her death. I miss grandma ..............

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