Monday, April 14, 2008

89 down

I have been seeing road accidents everyday for the past week and never once had I expected that my turn was coming up.

A Lexus crashed into us on the ECP after Fort Road while on our way to work this morning around 8am. And so if you were stuck in a jam there, most likely the cause was us :p

That Lexus must have been going fairly fast because we were pushed 4 car lengths ahead. Not only the rear was damaged but both sides of the car as well. The doors on the left were jammed due to the rear crushing inwards and the right banged into the side railings on the road. Poor Ken who was driving the car, felt pain in his neck and wrist. We are scheduled to consult a doctor tomorrow and I hope it's nothing too serious.

Too many accidents recently and it's real scary. So all of you out there, DRIVE SAFE!

The rear
Our ICE (in car entertainment) is most likely not salvageableLeft doors unable to open
Right banged into side railing

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