Saturday, December 05, 2009

My mum's place

It's been a month since we'd shifted out of our place into my mum's. We sure missed it like hell! However I must say that other than the shortage of space, the shift had done me good. I'm enjoying the closeness with my mum and sis. Megan too. And now that my domestic help had MIAed ..... they saved my sanity by doing most of the housework plus pitching in to look after Meg while I'm busy at work.

But there's a severe downside to it too - my ever ballooning waistlines! I'm never short of food. Erykca and Farhan loves to cook and are forever feeding me. The sound that I fear most is the knocking on our door in the middle of the night. I assure you that it's nothing like what you're imagining. It's really only Erykca popping her head in asking if we want waffles, pancakes, sushi, or whatever you want it they have it. OMG ...... it's such a nightmare! 

Geez ...... FAT! FAT! FAT!

Just prior to the shift - more than 1/3 of our possessions ended up with the Salvation Army.

Here's Meg chipping in to help. That's when I noticed
Ms. Can't-get-her-hands-dirty
had improvised a pair of gloves -__-"".

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