Friday, December 04, 2009

In loving memory of Woofie

We posted a memorial page for Woofie. Meg came up with the words & I tweaked it for her. So touching, right?

Dear Woofie, we still miss you a lot, especially your Jie Jie. She now owns a small toy Schnauzer which she names Woofie & she never went anywhere without 'you'. She hugs 'you' to sleep every night & calls 'you' her lucky thing. When she thinks she needs extra luck, she speaks to 'you' & believes that you'll make it all better for her. I told her you're an angel now & will continue to protect her like before. It made her laugh when I told her that now since you're an angel, you had to start behaving & stop being mischievous :) You'd always brought a smile to her face. Bless you, your sweet little soul. Go forth & be free now - a collar & leash will hold you back no more.

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