Monday, December 07, 2009

Bento #26 & #27

Meg's been bugging me for a bento for the longest time but as it's school holidays, I had the perfect excuse not to make one :p However last week, suddenly inspired, decided to make one for her to bring to work with me. 

In the box: rice, fried minced pork, fried chicken wings, Taiwan sausages, wieners, broccoli, star-shaped carrots
As all of you know I'm truly & honestly hopeless in the kitchen, it's hardly surprising that I burnt the rice :p
In the box: rice, fried minced pork, rabbit-shaped broccoli, mushrooms, lady-bird cherry tomato

In the box: fried chicken wing, wieners, broccoli, Taiwan sausage, star-shaped carrots, cherries

1 comment:

  1. Hi Esther! Nice meeting you and great to be here :) How can you say you're hopeless in the kitchen??? These bento boxes look totally awesome! Obviously done with lots of love. You have a beautiful family.


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