Monday, April 06, 2009

Spain Day 4 - Madrid

Now's the time for Real Madrid fans to envy me because right here is their home ground.
Some of my colleagues went into the stadium while I opted out since I am not too wild about soccer. But they've managed to take some really awesome photos inside & I kinda regretted it :p
"Real Madrid's sounvenior shop" aka Addidas
I had missed breakfast cos took too long with my make-up (what's new?). Hence while the rest went to the stadium or shopping, I nipped into a cafe to have pizza! It doesn't look very appetizing but once again, I can tell you that it's finger-licking good! How I wish I can have a taste of it again.
It's CHINESE for lunch again. 80% of our meals were Chinese food which was so god-awful disappointing :(
Dallas & I couldn't resist the Pastry Shop opposite the Chinese Restaurant, so we decided to help ourselves to some dessert!
Now a tour of Plaza Mayor - the scene of many events such as market, bullfights, soccer games & even public executions!
You can't see very clearly from here but Plaza Mayor has a beautiful painted facade.
Now I see for myself that birds do indeed fly in a V-shape! Haha ......... suaku (mountain-tortoise)!!!
Say what you like about my Uggs but I love them to bits!Plaza Mayor has a ring of old, traditional shops & cafes surrounding it. And through the many glass windows, here is a pic of my favourite food - Pulpo (octopus)!!!
What a sense of humour :D
While the rest were busy souvenior hunting & even though it's dinner time soon, the lure of Tapas was simple too great. I just had to go into one of the cafes to eat my favourite mussels & pulpo. *lick chops*But we were so overcharged! This plate of pulpo costs S$30! What to do ........ I'm such a sucker for Tapas.
To round off the day, we had dinner in the Musuem of Ham (yeah ...... you heard me right :p) Yep. It's all ham that you see hanging here.
Despite the Tapas, I was still so looking forward to dinner! (Can you imagine the amount of weight I'd piled on!)
You'd think we were having ham for dinner because afterall we were in the Musuem of Ham .......... but NO! We had that lump of pasta for appetizer, then Fish & Chips (minus the chips) for main course! That was such a crime!!! *cries blue murder*Happily posing prior to the arrival of the main courseYou should have seen our faces after that :p
Thereafter, the gang went clubbing (failed attempt :p) but I begged to be let off & went back to the hotel instead because I was having such a bad headache.

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