Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spain Day 1 - Barcelona

Finally my beloved PC is back into my arms again! *rubs hands with glee* No doubt still extremely laggy but can't help it I guess, since it's at a ripe old age of 5.

I know I promised you these pics eons ago and I thank you all for your patience :D

Totally excited to be headed to Spain. And with the long haul flight, I can't thank God enough that it's SQ.
The gang - Noel, Diana, Dionne & Dallas
Yeah ...... reached Barcelona airport!
Our tour manager - Ricky Tiang from Chan Brothers
Positively shagged looking after the long flight
My 1st glimpse of Barcelona (pictures has bluish tint cos taken via coach window :p)Antoni Gaudi's Casa Mila but only had chace to look at it from the coach.
Our 1st destination - Le Segrada Familia (Church of the Holy Family) - Antoni Gaudi's famous work
My roommate - Diana
Catch me frowning/ squinting in the background :p
Gaudi started work in 1883 & carried on till his death in 1926. Up till now construction work is still on-going cos funding is not supported by government sources but by private donations & tickets sold to tourists. It is expected to be completed by around 2026. But that will all have to depend on the funding. Who knows? We might not get to see this in our lifetime.
Total of 18 tall towers representing: 12 Apostles, 4 Evangelists, Virgin Mary & Jesus Christ. There are 3 facades that represents the human life of Jesus (from birth to death) - this is the Nativity facade (East).
Look closely & you can see astrological signs hidden in the arches of the doorway. Can you spot some of them?
Works still underway in the church
Gaudi gets his inspiration from nature. He's made it such that the lighting in the church is similar to that of sunlight shining through the canopy of tall trees in a forest.
The ceiling looks like sunflower
The Passion facade (west). The Glory facade (south) is yet to be completed.
The crucifixion of ChristMagic Square - no matter which way you calculate, you get 33 which is the age of Jesus at the time of Passion.Might not look like it but brrr ...... it's cold
It's that cold such that I had to don my gloves
Arrived in Parc Guell - another display of Antoni Gaudi's amazing architecture.
All of Gaudi's crosses are 3 dimensional
Pretty mamas - Yain Ping & Dae
Beats me why we were in this pose!
Sow Cheng
Finally shopping time! Along Plaza de Catalunya
The 'temple' of Zara is right behind us. (I think the entire trip was all Zara :p)
Saw some guys having their stag nite & Sally gallantly obliged to have her weight taken. They were so quirky!
That's how much Loewe our group bought! Imagine the boost to Spain's economy! :pIt was non-stop all the way for us since we stepped down from the long haul flight. We were thoroughly beat (not to mention stinky) by the time we sat down for dinner. We had Chinese (unbeknownst to us that this was the 1st of more to come -__-).

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