Monday, April 06, 2009

Spain Day 3 - Madrid & Segovia

On day 3 while we were on our way out, 1 of my colleague was in severe pain & had to be brought to the hospital immediately. There she needed a surgery. It was so awful but I am so glad that everything went well & she's all ok now. It taught me the importance of travel insurance. So peeps, don't ever forget it when you travel!
Arrived in Segovia - a UNESCO World Heritage Site
This is a 2000 year old Roman Aqueduct that cuts through the centre of the town & it's image has served as the mint mark on all coins produced in Segovia for over 400 years.
Dear Amy who sits right next to me in the office
Dae, whose mother-in-law & Aunty Mary are good friends (small world).I wished I had been able to spend more time to absorb the sights & sounds of this quaint old city :(

The Cathedral of Segovia is widely considered to be Europe's last great Gothic cathedral
Moving on to Alcazar of Segovia
Don't be mistaken, I was not in Disneyland. The Alcazar castle was the source of inspiration for Snow White's castle in Disneyland Paris.
More of Diana & me
Breathtaking sights
Queen Isabelle I of Castile was crowned here as Queen of Castile & Leon. She also married King Fernando II here.
Alcazar started off as an Arab fort & it is evident on the walls of the interior
It also functioned as an artillery school from 1762 for almost a hundred years.
You have tried the Chinese suckling pig? Now try the Spanish version. It is a Segovian specialty known as Cochinillo. To show that the pigs are tender, they cut them with plates & then smash the plates on the floor, right in front of you. Hee ....... I must say that it's not quite suited to our palate :pWe went to Palacio Real (Royal Palace - official residence of the King of Spain) but it's closed to public because the President of Russia was there for a visit.
Our last stop of the day was at Plaza de Toros - Madrid Bullring. I was told that bullfighting was so much a part of the Spanish's life that each city has a bullfight ring.
We were severely cautioned never to take the metro for fear of pickpocketsLook closely to see which appendage I am pointing at :p
I hoped they didn't break their back from trying to lift me!
P.S. I apologise, not too wordy today because it's 2am now & I'm dying to crawl into bed! :p

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