Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bento #1

In the box: heart-shaped egg, baked beans, steamed mixed vegetables, bear-shaped Onigiri

I made my very first bento today!

I had been following LZmommy's blog and had been wowed by the űber kawaii bento that she makes for her kids. (Haha ...... I think she'll be proud of me :p) Oh and by the way, congratulations to your hubby and you for the new addition to your family, LZmommy!

It took me a long time to get down to it though (many many months). And finally, I walked past Daiso the other day and decided to just quit thinking and start acting. Well the thing you have to understand about me is that I CANNOT cook to save my life and my artistic flair is next to nothing. When both skills are nought, it's pretty daunting.

But things have been quite stressful for Meg recently. We went for a medical consult yesterday and there is a possibility that she might have Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD and some other sensory disorder which might need occupational therapy. But I don't know that for sure yet until a full evaluation is done.

Anyway, both of us needed some cheering up and I thought the bento might be a good idea. But we did have a great time last night bonding over making teddy bear rice balls. And I think she's mighty pleased with the bento this morning although, she's still upset at the prospect of going to school :(. (I had initially hoped that the bento will make her look forward to school a little bit more.)

But I'm not going to stop and hope these bentos will be Meg's little ups during the days when she's down.
Bought both the lunch box & bag from Japan during my trip there last year - I had thrown in a whole green apple into the bag as well, just for good measure :p

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  1. Thank you Esther! :) For your well wishes and mentioning my blog :)

    I thought you will not have time to start bento-ing. Kudos to you! A working mum so busy yet make effort to prepare bentos for Meg. :) AND it looks so YUMMY!

    For the features, I bought the cutters from ebay, perhaps you can check it out or if any of your frds going to Japan, they can get it for you.

    My nephew has ADHD too and he is on medication and now seems to be better. Hope it is not too serious for Meg.


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