Wednesday, May 28, 2008

BFF parTy on!!!

It was ages ago since the bunch of us girls last partied together. And we didn't get to gather too often either. We really miss each other. We have this incredible bond and I think we are very lucky to have each other throughout these years. Our friendship had definitely stood the test of time and going on stronger than ever before.

So on the pretext of celebrating Marilyn's birthday, the four of us decided to meet up and party the night away, enjoying each others' company just like before. But of course, Devil's Bar is no longer around and so we made do with Lunar. I find that Lunar plays the most similar music to Devil's and so I had been bugging Mar and Kelly to try out that place.

But the night didn't quite end the way I expected. A totally uncalled for incident happened just when we were leaving and it soured the atmosphere. Just as a waitress was walking behind me, I took a step back and she lost balance of her drinks. (But of course I didn't know there was someone walking so close to me since it was already close to 5am and the club is empty.) She spilled them all over my back and the girls hurried over to wipe my back dry. That's when they noticed the waitress glaring at me. We were fairly peeved that she did that since we were the customers but let it go since we understood it's all an accident. But after a while she actually walked to me and haughtily told me in Mandarin that I had spoiled her watch when the drinks spilled. It was so incredulous that I could hardly believe my ears! What nerve! I nearly flew off the handle with the accusation. She's lucky that my mandarin fails me everytime I get worked up. The girls noticed from the side that I was in a rage and rushed over to defend me. Likewise, they were appalled when they learned what happened. They took over and I was more than happy to let them fight my battle in Mandarin. Honestly, she's picked on the wrong group to mess around with. And in Meg's words - 'too bad, so sad'. She has to answer to the management now.
P.S. Btw I lost my handphone AGAIN in a cab on my way to Lunar. The girls so totally couldn't stand me anymore and had been cracking their heads for ideas to tie the phone to me -_-""

As usual Ju is late. I had to pixelate that pic of Mar's colleague cos her hubby didn't know she's out clubbing :p
They forced me to hook my wristlet to my jeans for the rest of the night :p
Beautiful bride-to-be & birthday girl
Cutie Kelly
Trying to take a self pic but Mar kept trying to foil it! (Hee~ had to pixelate her face cos she'll kill me if it's shown to public & she's definitely the last person in the world that I would want to trifle with :p)
They never lets me off! See those fingers? Kelly's!
The most veteran self-pic queen is finally here!
BFF! *muacks*
Those 2 up to their usual antics & wouldn't allow Ju & me to take photos in peace
Arghhh ...... I look horrid here! And you know why I was so giggly? Mar was threatening to ruin the photo again that's why!
I bought this gorgeous pair of heels in Japan. I know it's super unglam but I had to remove them halfway while dancing cos I'm so not used to heels.
Those guys were hitting on us since we walked in. But guess they were too dense to realise that we weren't interested. We allowed this pic cos the girls wanted me to blog their faces, especially the one right behind Mar who kept boasting that he's a regular there, he knows the boss, he can get the singer to drink with us & Irene Ang is his aunt! -_-"" Right ...... as if we would be hung up on him just cos of that.
Lovely Cheryl joined us for a while
And I looove this pic with Andrew! Hee~ Dumbfuck :p

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