Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nagoya - Gero Onsen (Day 1)

Oh my! I had just realised that it's been 2 months since I was back from Japan! And not a single photo up. Thanks to Garcia for reminding me about them or else it might have been half a year later when I finally did something about it.

I am quite a ashame to admit that because a fair bit of time had lapsed since the trip, my memory of it had dimmed as well :p So I am afraid, this is not too much of a travelogue. But do enjoy the pics and I'll see what I can recall as we go along.

Ken & the FJC peeps sending me off (aka kopi session) in Changi Airport Terminal 3 Yeah we've touched down in Nagoya Airport! (No pics while in the plane cos all was zzzzz)
1st stop straight from the airport was to visit 1 of the temples in Nagoya
We were taught the sequence of cleansing our hands & face before going into the temple. I was suppose to let the 'dirty' water flow into the drain but I idiotically wash my hands right above the source of water. -_-"' Super paiseh .........
Anna & Carol
Praying in the background
Beautiful blooms but these are plum blossoms, not cherry blossoms. Not cherry blossom season yet. Although close, just about 2 weeks to a month before the season. It was quite a shame to have been so close and not seen it.
Japanese children - they're so adorable!
My colleagues :)
Back on the bus headed towards our hotel in Gero Onsen. The scenery was beautiful! And I saw snow! I know this sounds quite pathetic but I had never seen snow till now :p Can you imagine how awe struck I was?
Settling down for a traditional Japanese lunch
Did I tell you that I LOVE Japanese food? :D
Reached the hotel!
We were all proud to see our national flag at the front door of the hotel
This is a hot spring hotel & hence the rooms are the traditional kind with tatami mats & futon beds. I learnt that hot spring hotels are very expensive in Japan. I was the lucky one who has a whole room to myself for the entire duration of the trip but I think I watched too many horror Japanese movies & so I shifted my futon to bunk with Kok Yong & Evelyn instead :p
Guess what is this man doing? Nope, not filling up petrol but filling up hot spring water to bring home.
Open air hot spring - we were shamelessly ogling, waiting to catch a glimpse of something we shouldn't :p Haha ....... voyeurs!
You can buy the eggs then place them in the hot spring water to cook it. That's how hot the temperature is!
There's many hot spring foot baths scattered over the entire town for you to soak your feet when you are tired. I was lazy to remove my boots & so contented with taking pics for Anna instead.
My 1st attempt at Onsen (hot spring bath). It was really awkward going totally nude in front of strangers & even worse colleagues. But we got the hang of it & were completely at ease by the end of the tour :)
All fresh & relaxed after onsen.
With Nicholas
We were all wearing yukata & seated in 2 rows opposite each other for dinner. It looks kinda formal & grand.
The variety of food served during dinner was unbelievable!
Group pic!
After dinner, we ventured out of the hotel to look for a coffee joint just wearing this yukata when the temperature must be way below 5 degrees celsius. Sadly, everything was closed & so we headed back to onsen AGAIN!

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