Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Lil' Angel

Megan was drawing a mother's day card to enter in her school's competition. I sat down next to her when she needed some help with her spelling.

She started writing "I know you are trying very hard to", then she paused and asked me to guess what she's going to write next. Without missing a beat and in a choked voice, I filled in the blanks "take care of me.". She looked at me with a satisfied grin and carried on finishing her sentence.

Unknown to her, the strength of her words had managed to reduce my heart to mush. I had to walk away to the bathroom so that she wouldn't know that I am crying.

I am crying tears of joy for I am touched by her depth of perception at this tender age. The word TRYING was apt because TRYING it was indeed. I thought no one knew how arduous it had been but she knew. She knows how much effort I am putting in.

I am crying tears of sadness for that means, despite me trying to conceal my flaws, she knows I am as fallible as any human being and am no longer omnipotent in her eyes. Isn't a child suppose to perceive mother's care as innate and receive it without questions? Then how would Meg know it's "trying" on me? Does that make her think any lesser of me now then?

I used to think that I am her guardian angel but now I realised I had it all wrong right from the start. She's mine instead. She's the angel that God had sent to illuminate my road............

Lil' artist chose to use paint here
It's touched the core of my heart that she choses to tell me this single message in her card. (Nope, no "Happy Mother's Day" but it means more than a gazillion words put together.)
My 'real' mother's day card that she spent days on & insisted on giving it to me early :)
I felt awful that I left it on the desk & it got smudged :(
And I love you too ......

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