Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Restaurant week - The Exchange

Did any of you guys take the opportunity to try out a new restaurant during restaurant week? I'm honestly not left with much choices as it was already the end of the week. Therefore, I randomly picked out a restaurant that I haven't been to before & a menu that actually appealed to me. So none of those 'surprise menu', thank you very much.

At $35++ per pax, it was pretty much value for money. I'm not a food connoisseur, so I can't tell you much except that everything tasted decent enough. However, we did wish that the portions were bigger though. In fact, we popped right over to Lau Pa Sat for stingray & satays right after that! Tsk ….. Tsk …. 

Though I might not be a food expert but I'm huge on ambience (shallow!). The Exchange is a high-end casual dining gastrobar. Not too stifling & not too noisy. I'd feel comfortable there in a pair of berms & polo tee (not that I wear them though :p) but I'd stop short at slippers. I like the overall feel of it. I'd definitely go back to try their ala carte menu.
Each of us tried different items on the menu with the exception of dessert. Whoever in the right mind rejects Créme Brûlée!

Nice ambience & mix of crowd - met Kennon & Christa there!

I apologise for the motion blur pics. Kinda hard to be taking multiple shots when your party is glaring at you to hurry up so they can sink their teeth into their food :p I confess. No one likes eating with me very much …….

Enough of food pics. Now ending with something just as delectable. Muahahaha!!!

Wearing  a H&M romper that day

I don't leave the house without my Kikis adorning my hand

Have you checked out Le Culte Kiki yet?

Try not to leave me to my own devices cos I can't resist cam-whoring!


8 Marina View 
Asia Square Tower 1
Tel: +65 6636 1200

Opening Hours
Mon–Fri: 8am – 12am
Sat: 11.30am – 12am
(Closed on Sun)

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