Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pillow's birthday pawty! (dog-friendly)

We had an early birthday celebration for my other precious daughter in Katong Park Dog Run on Easter Sunday. Meg saved up a long time to pay for this party.  But I'm going to have to say this is probably my first & my last. It's a mad house trying to handle both kids & furkids!

Doggy food galore from The Bakehouse! Pillow does tend to get a tad bit allergic & hence I try my best to feed her fresh food all the time. Now instead of purchasing pre-packed treats from the pet stores, I've been getting fresh ones from The Bakehouse instead.

Birthday cake is a must! (And yes, we even sang birthday song :p)

Mini burgers - no yeast dough were used in the buns. They are tofu so I don't have to be worried about allergy!

Even sushi too! All food are human grade so you can help yourself to them if your dogs can't finish them :)

Cake pups - these were gone in seconds!

Special gift from owner of The Bakehouse - you can just see the amount of love put into preparing these dog food.

Some of Pillow's pressies

Dear Pillow having fun running free in the dog run

The princess is 2! ♥♥♥

Ewww ….. manners, Pillow!

Wahahaha! I think Latte refused to walk ~~ (Don't worry, she's not being dragged around)

Our pawty wouldn't have been a success without our dear guests

Awwww ….. this would have been a nice shot of Brownie :(

Peggy's pics to the rescue! It's really hard to take photos when your hands were always tied around one leash or another :p

 Baby BoBo - 8 months old Lab & Husky mix

Sweet Pepper who helped us finish up the food :)

Don't be deceived by this small cute thing …….  Joe Joe can be a real rascal!

Soba, a Silky Terrier with a big attitude!

Darling Latte sure can pose ~~

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