Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oxford day 3

Woke up the next morning & saw everything covered in white
Left mum & the kids at home while Uniz & I head down to her tattoo studio
Pain is temporary; Tattoos are forever
Finally getting a touch-up on my tattoo behind my ear
Ta-daa!!! I love love love this one cos it's done in my favourite shade of PINK!
I'm so proud of Uniz for having her own studio & even recruiting apprentices. Maybe someone should consider Oxford Ink? :p
I miss Uniz ........
While we were busy with tattoos & shopping, mum got busy at home whipping up a home-cooked meal for us.
It was Rene's birthday & Uniz specially baked a cake for him while the 2 lil' ones helped out by eating the icing :p
Gorgeous family ♥♥♥
To Rene with Love

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