Sunday, August 29, 2010

Erykca's birthday cum mother's day celebration (super out-dated post)

Found these pics sitting in my draft folder. I must have uploaded them & then forgotten while waiting for the words to come to me. I seemed to have an extremely hard time finding the words to my posts recently.

I think you guys would have noticed that I'd been borrowing someones' else's words of late. It might not be a bad thing for now. Words that I want to say but can't say, a hint of what I might be feeling (or not) & a whole lot less committal. This is a public blog after all & I should really exercise restrain.

Anyway back to this post, since the pics are up, thought I should just blog it. Dated all the way back to May but just bear with it, ok?

BBQ just outside the house. It's been so long since we last held one.
Erykca showing off her pressies from Meg & Dad
Meg's pressie wrapped in tracing paper :p
I've got pressie for mother's day too!
Mine's wrapped in kitchen roll :p
These photos were taken using the D1000. How I missed my beloved camera! :'(
Meg definitely idolizes her 'Ah-Yi'
Awwww .........
Meg specially used her pocket money to buy this heart-shaped liquid timer from her school bookshop for me
Lastly, pics with our darling mum. We love you mum!

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