Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our home in Oxford (super super out-dated post)

Ok, this is even more dated than the previous post. Likewise, found these pics staring back at me in my draft folder. I didn't realise that I didn't blog about my visit to UK & Czech at all. So let's just reminisce a bit, shall we?

This was last year December when we were flying to Oxford to visit Uniz ♥
Note: plano glasses purely for camouflaging my dark circles :p
Arrived the night before & 1st thing in the morning was to play outdoors in the cold cold yard
Watched a pantomime - Jack & the beanstalk
Dinner was at a Noodle Bar
I love how the restaurants always provide some sort of boredom relief for the kids. I wonder how long will it take for Singapore to catch on.
Night arrives really early cos it's winter
Accompanied Leto to school the next day. It was an extremely long walk! It's amazing how Uniz & Leto does this everyday. We were groaning & moaning halfway through the journey. Pampered Singaporeans!
After dropping Leto off, we went to various supermarkets to stock up on food. Uniz had wanted to walk but we had vehemently refused, so all of us packed into a cab instead :p
Can't believe it but after grocery shopping & fetching Leto, it's nightfall again. This time they brought us to their favourite Chinese restaurant. The standard was surprisingly good. Yummy!!!

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