Tuesday, May 26, 2009

McDonald time!!!!!!!

Megan finally blogged again ........ And here's what she said:

McDonald time!!!!!!!

— Posted by MEGAN YAP YAN LING @ 18:58

HI!!!I'm McDonald!!!(megan) Tongue outWinkTongue outAs you see, I'm gonna

tell you what I like to do .WinkCoolWink

I like to sing ,draw and do lot's of other stuff,

well .....that I forgotTongue outSmileTongue outand I also want to tell you

what I like to eat.SmileI like to eat McDonald,well.....

wich is also call eating myself!!!EmbarassedLaughingEmbarassed haa haa how

funny!!!LaughingLaughingLaughingEmbarassedAnyway I have a secret to tell you.Innocent

i want to play badminton but nobody have time for that. YellAnd I guss that's the end.CryCryCryCry

BYE GUYS!!SmileSmileSmileSmileWinkCoolInnocentSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile!

Well ..... now that I know her secret ...... Ken & I are making sure that we bring her for badminton soon!

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