Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bento #10

In the box: fried chicken wings, flower-shaped kiwi & apple, bear-shaped onigri. (I haven't buy the 'face' seaweed cutter yet & hence decided to try with food markers instead - urghh ...... bad choice :p)

At the same time, also decided to pack a bento for Joe as well since he's so so nice to pick me up & send me to work. (The real story is that he pointedly asked me to prepare it as he saw Meg's bentos in FB.) But what to do ....... too many free rides & now it's pay-back time :p

And naturally, a bento for Sharon as well. She's a fantastic babe & I'd prepare a bento for her anytime! Both complimented that the bento tastes nice but I think they'd be too paiseh to comment so even if it tastes horrid :p

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