Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My letter to the traffic police

Dear Sir/ Madam:

I wish to report a reckless container truck driver whom I encountered on the exit from PIE Simei. I was the first car at the slip-road waiting to turn into the main road (Simei Avenue). The truck was right behind me.

After checking my blind-spot, I noticed a taxi approaching and hence stopped to wait for him to pass. Upon nearing my car, the taxi switched to the next lane instead and I started to move off. However I was startled to see that the truck behind me was approaching at great speed as he attempts to overtake me on the narrow slip-road. At that point, my car had already moved off and half the body was on the main road. Despite my horning to alert him, he ignored and carried on at the same speed. Such that my car and the huge container truck were squeezed into 1 lane. (Please see illustration attached for a clearer picture.)

I had to jam brake as I was only inches away from the wall and his truck. I was so close to slamming right into the wall. I was completely horrified and petrified. It was a good thing that I was already near home or else I wouln't have been able to contine driving, given the way I was shaking from fright.

That truck driver knew that he had me squashed and cornered but he blatantly carried on. And what's more despicable, was that I was horning non-stop for dear life. But he totally diregarded it and did not even attempt to slow down. Whilst I bear in mind that everyone errs but I cannot condone his brassy contempt of the lives of other road users. I am aghast that he should view my life so lightly. With abhorrent attitude as such, he will only continue to be a menace. The likes of him should never be allowed on the road.

He was driving a Ufreight Singapore container truck with licence plate number 1590Y. I was however unable to get the front alphabets of the licence plate because I was way too shaken.

For your information, I had also taken steps to inform his company, Ufreight Singapore, of his reckless behaviour. Ms. Julia Ho was the personnel who attended to my call.

I sincerely beseech you to look into this and I would greatly appreciate it, if I can be informed of the measures taken. I have complete faith in Singapore's judicial system to do what is right and to protect it's citizens from potential harm. I am also prepared to take this up to the press if needs be. I treasure my life very much, for I need to be there for my 7 year old daughter. I am willing to go to all lengths to make sure that my family and I stay safe.

Thank you so much for your time and kind understanding.

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