Thursday, November 20, 2008

Marilyn's & Edmund's big day

This is yet again another super duper late post. My bestie's wedding that happened on 11 October 2008. And here I am blogging about it only in November, edging near December :p

They are now having their romantic honeymoon in Italy and perhaps who knows .......... little baby Pek is in the process of being created there? Wahahaha ..........

Too sick right now to talk (write) too much. So here goes the photos!

Gorgeous gorgeous bride!
I was late as usual despite me waking up early! (I honestly tried) The girls gave up on me already :p So here I am doing last minute touches & tying Meg's hair.
The groom & gang is at the door & we're getting ready for our 1st 'sabo' line-up. It's pretty amazing how the few of us girls can own so many bikinis!
Here's Mario putting on my sexy red bikin (somehow I can never look at my bikini quite the same way again:p)
Bra - Duh (Brother, get it? Wahahaha ....)
Here's a risque looking bunch! Edmund wins hands down with his G-string though. (Look closely at what's he's doing)
It's quite something seeing guys trying to put on a bikini. They never knew it had so much science packed into that little bit of cloth! Watch them turn it this way & that, trying to get it right. Well, the guys claimed they only had experience getting it off but not putting it on. (Yeah ........ right! -__-"")
2nd test - Wasabi ice-cream or whatever other yucky flavour they've managed to pick. (But we learned later that most of it ended up in Marilyn's flower pots - so whoever that's thinking of using the same method to punish their grooms, I suggest you watch them VERY closely. *exchanges knowing looks*)
3rd test - Helium balloon = mickey mouse voice (learning note - do NOT buy helium balloons the day before because it doesn't work!)
4th test - Singing 'their' song with actions included. (I can assure you that this was priceless :D)
Meg's 1st experience as a bridesmaid & she was totally amused plus of course, highly entertained.
Ed showing off his corsage hidden beneath his bikini to Meg
Ed cheated by bringing his own keys & we engaged in a tug-of-war. (Totally ruined all our manicures! *blonde moment*)
5th test - create 'I heart U' with beans & then seal it with red kisses *muacks*
But of course, the real test of the day is, how much does the 'ang pow' contain?
Aiyah ...... no choice let you guys off cos we're running out of time
Marilyn looks so blissfully happy
The sweet lil' bridesmaid
Can you believe Ed brought so many 'brothers' to deal with the few of us? Tsk ..... Tsk .....
Both of us adores Marilyn just as much!
Dazzling bride with her bridesmaids
Mar & Meg's private moment
That's how much both Mar & Ed loves Meg. Even on their biggest day, they never fail to make her feel important.
I love the photos taken by Jude
Marilyn's craze - Hello Kitty
The only one who seems to be doing her bridesmaid duty is Meg
Impish Meg thinking up of various ways to wear her wrist corsage
In Edmund's house
Mar looking so exquisite in her traditional 'Kwa'
You know a man loves you very much when he lets you paint the newly-wed room pink and decorates it with Hello Kitty. Awwww .......

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  1. Hi Esther, may i know where did you & the other JMs got this white top with the wordings "bridesmaid" during Marilyn's wedding & how much is it?? =)


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