Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Marilyn's bachelorette party - WARNING rated M18

The warning about M18 and all, I am truly not kidding you. After all, a bachelorette party wouldn't be complete without it's debaucheries, right? Okay, a little exaggerated but still bachelorette material worthy :p

While Marilyn's prince charming is away,
We're taking her out to play.
Everything will be alright,
For one last wild & crazy night!

And now to make it more special, we've added 1 more gorgeous bride-to-be.
Adele & Marilyn, both of them are besties.
Ooooh ..... how fantastic that would be,
2 brides-to-be in 1 party!

Join us for Marilyn's & Adele's bachelorette party!

*Make it a night forever memorable *evil laugh*

Alright now, enough said, let's quickly take a look at these super out-dated pics.

Created an event on Facebook
My bestie, the star of the night
Making Mar look the part of the bachelorette. Check out her very unwilling face :p
Our darling bachelorette
Sweetheart Wendy - but Marilyn just had to ruin the shot :p
Mar's best friend, Adele, who's getting married 1 week after her, so we had a double bachelorette celebration!
Been a long time since I partied with Miko
Introducing the twin sisters - Denise & Juliana!
I created game cards with instructions for the bachelorettes to follow. It's all up to their luck how easy or difficult the task is.
1st task - Take a sip from a stranger's drink (That's waaay too easy!)
2nd task - Have a stranger buy you a drink (Kelong! Always draw the easy ones.)
3rd task - Sign on a stranger's stomach (Poor chap is going to have trouble answering to the wife at home about that permanent ink on his abs :p)
4th task - Take a photo of a urinal in the Gents (Enlisted Andrew's help but he saboed them. Told them it's clear when it's not. Check out that distraught look on the man in left bottom picture.)
5th task - Take a photo with a cross-eyed man (He can't do cross-eyes so we agreed on funny face.)
6th task - Feel the biceps of a muscular man (Nah ..... easy peasy lemon squeezy.)
7th task - Have a man leave a lipstick mark on your face (He's so sporting & agreed readily to the red lipstick, plus he's cute too!)
8th task - Kiss a bald man's head (And as luck would have it, there's really one in the house! Didn't manage to get a shot of that kiss though but I think Ju should have captured that.)
9th task - Cane 3 mans' butt (Think the guys secretly loved it.)
There were more tasks but they opted to down a drink in exchange for each task that they were not willing to do. Well, we're fairly democratic here :p
Celine, Cheryl & Peishan
Ta .....daaaa! Unveiling the orgasm of the night. A PENIS cake!
I totally loved the looks on everyones' faces! I've got lots of enquiries about the cake. So if you're interested, you can get it custom made from CAKE AVENUE.
Marilyn doing that is sensous but James doing that is absolutely revolting! *pukes*
Wahahaha! Look at Mar's expression in the bottom right picture. Classic!
Eeeew ..... feeding 'pubic hair'
It's a tradition to strip each time we party but found no one this time, so arrowed Jason instead. MISTAKE!
Don't know why but I like myself in every picture that's taken with Andrew
A rare smile from Captain Weihao
It's darling Miko's turn next year I believe
No one is safe. Always have to be on the alert for heads popping into the frame just in time to ruin a pretty pic.
I had thought that it's just Ken & I but I got the worst shock of my life when I reviewed the photo. There's everyone in place as if it's a group pic!
Pretty evident what's our concious state-of-mind at that time :p
But these 2 must be the worst hit! Hahahaha ........
We love you Marilyn!This is a pic that's worth a million cos I caught the queen on her throne!
And in case, Marilyn kills me. Here's one that takes the cake :p

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