Sunday, November 09, 2008

My UTOPIA in Singapore

Those who knows me well, will know that I am obsessed with an online game known as UTOPIA. And again those who knows me well, thinks that it's odd I actually got hooked to it because I am a hopeless gamer. Not 'hopelessly' addicted to games but 'hopelessly' lousy at games :p

This addiction spans 3 years plus and still counting. It's an awfully long time to remain so devoted to a game, isn't it? A huge reason are the friends that I got to know in the game. I belong to a kingdom in Utopia and as fate would have it, I have the most amazing kingdom mates ever. We hail from different parts of the world and were randomly grouped together. It turns out that we bonded so well and many of us went through thick and thin (many many wars :p) for around 3 years now.

1 of the group from Taiwan was here last weekend and I was positively elated! After having conversed online for so long, we were finally meeting up for the 1st time! It was joy all around when the Singapore team met the Taiwan team :DDD

Meet Steve - our monarch & my confidante
Meet my other mates - Alex & Niven (but ignore those 2 extras at the back :p)
Brought them to Lunar on their 1st night here
Steve is cheeky as always
Niven is way too cute!
We've got a huge group in Singapore playing Utopia - James, Jason, Andrew, Ken & Zach.
Darling Juliana & group was there to celebrate Weihao's birthday as well.
Sweetheart Jamie
Cam whore counterpart - Andrew :p
Niven's picked up the bad stuff from the guys already - playing the extras behind with Andrew
Alex is fairly new to the kingdom but we hit it off really well too
Ju & I think that Niven is too cute for words
Classy Cheryl - My mouth was stuffed with food & hence had to clamp my mouth shut & smile :p
Gorgeous Peishan
Zach - highly eligible bachelor. Any takers? Hahaha .......
Ek ...... think I look like transvestite here
Ju packing in extra ooomph that night. Wahahaha!
Caught the pair of childhood sweethearts dancing - I wonder how they remain so lovey dovey after so many years? *envy*
Happy birthday Weihao!
He's a lucky man!
Drink, drank, drunk ...... (haha ...not quite)
Instead, the goner was Steve :p
Calling it a night!
Met next day for lunch - Niven had craving for Bak Kut Teh
Bugis Village for souvenirs - but they were more interested in hanging around (or rather under) the air-con -_-""
Ultra sumptuous & delicious dinner at East Coast Park Hawker Centre
Time was short as they were going back the next morning so we ordered a huge variety of food for them to sample.
Henderson Waves
It was the Singaporeans' 1st visit there as well
Resplendent lights but a pity we can't capture the faces
Deja Vu rules! (Our Kingdom name)
Most awesome night view
Singapore & Taiwan 'Bengs' :p
Hee ..... we argued all the time over Utopia
Eric is trying to poke Ken's eyes in case you didn't notice :p
Last stop at Cafe del Mar
Finally it's time to bid farewell
I miss you guys already! *sob*


  1. Hi Esther, I've been ya silent reader for awhile and I really enjoy your entries. :)

    By the way, I noticed that you've lost quite a bit of weight in comparison to a few months back and you look really good in the recent photos. How did you manage to do it? Can share.. I'm trying hard to shed some kilos off here also.. hehehe.. :p

  2. Hi Jan,

    Thanx so much for supporting my blog!

    I was trying lose as much weight as possible to look good for Marilyn's wedding and so resorted to taking appetite suppressant. I was taking Duromine & Medaxial but now since the wedding is over, I am just taking it on & off.

    It's not a good method cos the weight rebounds back really fast & of course a lot of side effects. But I think this is really the easiest way if you want to lose weight fast.

    It's always a constant battle with my weight (although I wouldn't say it's a lot) and it's been fluctuating up & down cos of dieting. So I'm sorry that I haven't been able to offer any good advice regarding this. :(

    Although there's a tip to slim the face - jaw botox. It's very popular with a lot of actresses. It's in the range of $500 plus & can last 6mths to 1 yr. I've seen my friends do it with very good results!

  3. Thanks Esther. I love to see ya pics, esp those of your precious Meg. :) She's v sweet!

    I've heard quite abit about anti-depressants and have tried it before also. However, I stopped after a few days cos I couldnt take the side effects.

    The jaw botox is a good suggestion. Cos I've got a really chubby face! But, are there any side effects? Who can I go to for the botox? Any recommendations from ya friends?

    Tks for ya help, Esther! :)

  4. You can click on the link Erik Ang Plastic Surgery in my blog. Call him at 68368238 to make an appointment.

    He's a very good friend of mine and also a renowned surgeon. I introduce all my friends to him whenever they needed something done. Tell him I recommended you and I'm sure he'll take special care of you.

    Let me know how it is when you're done ok? I can't wait to see the transformation!

    All the best! :D

  5. Tks ger.
    Will contact him soon! :)


  6. What a nice blog, i hope u will post more, thank you for posting...

  7. Hi there :D I should be the one thanking you for your support & compliments. You're too kind. I'll definitely try to post as often as I can!


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