Friday, July 06, 2007

Random pics

Sigh........ the number of hits on my blog is steadily decreasing. I seriously have to get working on my template to see what's wrong with it. However my biggest obstacle - books. I had just bought a book when Aunty Jac announced that she's giving away her books as she's shifting house. I just couldn't resist it and unbashedfully brought all of them back with me. I must have brought home about 30 paperbacks! That's going to keep me busy for a really long time.

I have such a big weakness for books that I virtually ignore everything else just to finish a book. If I know that I have lots to attend to, I usually avoid embarking on one. Now that I have 3o, I think time is going to come to a stand-still for me :p

Anyway just wanted to post some random pics from my handphone before they become stale topics.

P.S. Aunt Cynthia - Get well soon!

I know I sound seriously suaku but I just couldn't resist taking a pic when I have to stop for a train (a train kind of train :p) while driving around in my course of work.
I came in 2nd in my company's mock-detailing competition which is a pretty big deal. A nice little achievement to add to my resume. If I may say so, I'm so darn proud of myself! :DMeg went for a photoshoot for Marilyn's company's calendar. Soon you'll be able to see her face everywhere :)) It's a 1st for her & she was extremely awkward about it. But still she put in great effort although she doesn't like her clothes and her hair. (She's a vainpot exactly just like her mum :p) A very big thank you to Mar's colleagues for being so patient with her.

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