Sunday, July 01, 2007

Jolene's hen night

My DBB darlings and I were having coffee on Thursday and we had managed to work out some issues. Well in the first place, there weren't too many issues between us except for people trying create problems for us. However we came to the conclusion that no matter who comes in between and no matter what happens, the 4 of us will always be there for each other. And the best part is that we learned we love each other more than ever!

This is definitely worth celebrating and so although I'm still too fat to be allowed to be seen in public but I decided to just heck it and went down to Dragonfly with my darlings on Friday.

The other occassion that we're celebrating is Jolene's hen night. She's getting married next week! I'm soooo happy for her :)) She absolutely deserves all the happiness in the world. You guys won't understand but both she and I knows why is it so important for me personally to see a happily ever after for her. Sounds pretty complicated? :p

It's a totally terrific girl's night out, simply fun, fun, fun! And the best part is that we didn't need to get dead drunk to enjoy each other. Both Joey and I learnt from previous clubbing session that we don't like getting drunk at all and so tried to steer each other clear of the alcohol. The girls were all just wonderful company.

I think that's what frienship is all about - To enjoy time fully with each other; To accept each other for who they are; To accept criticism and advice; To be there for each other when needed; To understand that each have their own lives to lead. I am glad we went through this phase and this made our frienship stronger. I love you girls!

2 pretty babes
Mar the chilli padi
Finally Ju arrived Friends forever!!!
Mar's hilariously fun colleagues
Mar's cousin
Erm.....don't know why I didn't get any pic with me & Kelly on my camera. Guess I'll have to check her blog.
Jolene and Joey - Although we might not have known each other for very long but we feel a very close affinity to each other.
I wonder who's the bride-to-be? Me or Jolene??
Do you know they're all Ken's secondary schoolmates?
As usual, Kelly must butt into the picture :p

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