Monday, July 16, 2007


I've just weighed myself last Saturday and woohoo .......... I've lost 4kg! Well actually to be more accurate should be 3kg because the last 1kg was most likely water.

You see I took part in a slimming competition (it sounds really silly, I know) and the criteria for me to go into the second round is to lose 4kg in 5 weeks. And yippee ........ I made it to the second round! I didn't really put in a lot of effort and during weighing time, realised that I was 1kg away from my goal. The people in-charge didn't want me to give up and kept massaging me with their creams and made me climb flights and flights of stairs. And miraculously 3 hours later, I succeeded in losing that 1kg. How everyone cheered! And I've won myself $3k plus worth of products :D However that process was extremely harrowing and agonizing that I told myself, I'll never go through such last minute weight lost again (my calves are hurting real bad now!)

Now the next phase is to lose another 4kg in 1 month. But I only aim to lose about 3kg and get back my deposit, that would suffice. I think losing another 4kg on my frame would be too extreme. In any case, wish me luck in my slimming programme!

Right after the weighing, I went down to the FJC annual BBQ in Pasir Ris Park. Pig out! Haha ....... God knows how much help I need to lose another 3kg :p

Some pics from a couple of weeks back during a Singapore Honda Club (SHC) photoshoot
Catch Ju giggling in the middle
Taking blurry pictures of ourselves :p
And these were taken sometime last week during a FJC chill-out session in The Clinic
The 3 of us once again at the BBQ - Denise aka Wapiang & Ju
These peeps are pretty much camera whores as well
Jie Jie Megan & Mei Mei Elly
My princess
His queen :p
My knight in shining armour :p

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  1. hi, can share how u lost weight? my email is



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