Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Very 'suay'

I think everything has been working against me recently. Down on my luck or whatever you might call it. It's an accumulative effect I think. Been really stressed up by a whole string of events.
New job, new car, and now new maid. I can't communicate with her for nuts! As if that wasn't enough to drive me round the bend, Megan has been acting up too. (I don't know if it's because of the new maid.) She's been throwing tantrums day in & out.
To add fuel to fire, a neighbour has filed a complain against Woofie for barking too much. I have already got a trainer to try and help me rectify the problem but that also means worrying about Woofie's training schedule. The trainer has changed Woofie's food, water, pee & poop schedule therefore I have to try adhere to it plus making sure that I remember to train Woofie daily. As if "training" Megan everyday is not enough.
And now I am finally sick, "Acute Pharyngitis", and home on 2 days MC. I don't know if I should see this as a blessing in disguise since I get to finally take a break.
Oh and one more thing, I've got virus on my PC! Till that is rid, I've got problem downloading photos from my camera onto my computer. Since there's no photos to share, thought I'll share with you the neoprints that I took over the past 2 weeks instead.
Pray for me guys that all gets better soon........

Went for a movie night with my sisters and all the boyfriends

Ken after a haircut

Went out with Meg alone for some quality time

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