Thursday, July 13, 2006

Uniz's birthday

My apologies for not updating. I should have been updating more since I have changed to my new job. But guess I was just too caught up on spending time with Meg & Ken. Just in case all you green monsters rear your heads, my new job is not entirely easy peasy. Lots & lots of reading to do but just that I have been procrastinating. Reason? Same as the one above, as to why I am not updating. :p

We celebrated Uniz's birthday the Sunday before. Or was it the one before before? It seems a long time ago..... *checks calendar* Nope correct, it's the one before. Sheesh....... no wonder they say time flies once you're past 30!

For the benefit of those who don't regularly read my blog, Uniz is my 2nd sis who's 1 year younger than me (which makes her 29) & resides in UK as a tattoo artist. (I don't know why I felt compelled to tell all of you her lifestory tonight.) In any case, she's been here for a while now awaiting the delivery of her baby girl in August. I am sooo excited! (Meg's really excited too!) I'm sure the baby, being of mixed heritage, will be so pretty.
We went to Chuan Xiang restaurant located near Concourse for buffet steamboat. Terrific food for very very cheap prices. They offer many variety of soup bases and we took the "Ma La" & chicken. I gotta say it's the best "Ma La" steamboat I ever had!

At the pet farm before the dinner

Rene & Uniz - so lovey dovey

Megan loves them

Meg's standard pose

What did I say about the pose?
Funny face this time
She absolutely adores the camera
A happy family
Lovey dovey too ;)
Chocolate mousse
Uncle Terrence made Rene wear that leaf. Although I wonder why?
Meg's our mascot. No photo is complete without her.
So sweet!
I am positioning myself to include everyone in the photo. (Watch where Meg is sitting.)
Everyone is oblivious that I am taking their photos. (Watch Meg's position again.)

She noticed me and came right up in front of my camera to smile into it! Hahaha!!!
Our dual steamboat - I know it doesn't look very appetizing now but that's the aftermath of our ravenous attacks. (Hadn't the foresight to take a pic before eating.)

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