Monday, July 17, 2006

Ugly Singaporean

I am so F**KING pissed right now! I just had the most unpleasant (the word doesn't even come close to describing how unpleasant it is) encounter with the ugliest kind of Singaporeans ever.
Ken & I went to a casino ship today. (Pictures will have to come another day - need to dissipate my anger right now.) And as all of you know, casino ships are dominated by aunties and uncles. (Okay, I know I am generalising now.) While we were abidingly lining up to get our passports, there were groups of people that simply don't give a damn and just cut in front of us. I have 1 major pet peeve - I have zero tolerance for people who cut queue. Those who do, inevitably gets a tongue lashing from me. However I decided to let it go since we were there to have fun and I bit my tongue, to prevent me from telling them off. (You have absolutely no idea how much will power it took me to do so. I was seething so badly inside.)
However I can hold back no longer at the customs in Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, when an aunty decided to just come from the back and stand in front of me! I told her to join the queue but she acted blur and insisted that that was her rightful place cos she was there all along. I was adamant and seeing that she couldn't get around it, she changed tact and started shouting loudly that I am bad for not giving way to elderly. Ken retorted that the entire place is filled with elderly and does that mean we should give way to everyone?
The immigration officer tried to mediate and then right in front of him, she told me "You want to stand in front right? Then come stand in front!" But get this. While saying that, she put both hands on my arms and pulled me forward really hard. The shock and impact of the pull hit me so hard that I very nearly fell forward. Both Ken and the officer were stunned and shouted at her to stop. By this time, everyone was turning around to look at the commotion.
Well, she did good with that pull because that shocked me speechless. Never in the world would I expect that. She smugly stood at where she was and all the time shaking her head as if I was in the wrong. Me bullying an old lady. Look who's bullying who! She even blatantly got a friend to join her in the queue after that!
What aggravates the matter was that the immigration officer actually tried to give an excuse for her by saying perhaps she lost at the ship and allowed her to stay where she was. I told the officer off about condoning such behaviour. But he simply replied that incidents such as this happens everyday, implying I should overlook it as well. It is his duty to maintain order. All he needed to do was simply ask her to join the queue. He had the power to do so but he didn't. He chose the easy way out - by not doing anything. He didn't right the wrong! In the end, I was made to look the fool, as if I was the unreasonable one because that aunty got her way.
We crossed path with the aunty again on our way out. She cursed at the top of her voice that may we die a horrible death. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Truly barbaric.
I wish to clarify mself before you guys get me wrong that I am not willing to give in to an old lady. I have no qualms whatsoever about giving in just as long as she ask. I am willing to let you stand in front of me regardless of what age group you are as long as you just ask me for permission. I understand that there are times when people might be more pressed for time than I am.
So remember my number 1 pet peeve - do not stand in front of me without asking.

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