Thursday, June 30, 2005


Now we are taking a short intermission from the 5 part mini series on the Devil's Bitches. Today instead I'm going to write about my dear friend cum colleague Lini (short for Marlini).

Lini has been working with me in the clinic, as a lab technician for almost 1 year now. Alas, good things don't last, today is her last day at work. She will be leaving for Perth on the 13th July to further her studies in Biotechnology.

Lini is extremely bright & helpful. I've taken an instant liking to her the moment she started work. As I knew she would, she won over the hearts of everyone in the clinic, even my abominable boss. But if she's good as a colleague, she's even better as a friend!

As fate would decree, we got on like houses on fire. I'm going to seriously miss the times where we'll go for yoga or coffee together after work. She's someone whom I can lean on for moral support & also one of the reason that makes work more bearable. Oh what am I gonna do without you, dear dear Lini!

I had fully intended to take some photos with you in the clinic before you leave, but it's a shame that I'm still ill & on MC. I sincerely wish you all the best in your future endeavours & hope that the time apart will only make our friendship stronger. I'm going to miss all those bright swatches of green that you wear & that beautiful smile of yours, so please keep in contact & always remember that there's someone here missing you.

And oh yes of course, I will help despatch my intricate network of spies to keep a close tab on your cute Taufik look-alike boyfriend. Kekeke......

    Sitting on the 2 extreme end is Lini & me

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