Monday, July 04, 2005


After a long break, I'm going to continue my mini series on the Devil's Bitches. Today we are going to talk about sweet Miko.

I met Miko on the same day as I met Apple, cos you see, they were already best of pals from way back. And from what you have gathered from me previously, I didn't get off to a good start with Apple. So that means ditto Miko.

Miko is definitely the sweetest amongst us lot of bitches - both in terms of looks & personality. A fine example of her sweetness would be that even though my intrusion was not welcomed by her on the night that we first met, she definitely did not show it. She smiled her sweet saccharine smile & tried to be as nice to me as possible. She was so nice to me to the extent that I felt really guilty about intruding in on them! If she doesn't like me, she's too polite to let it show.

As the friendship between me & Apple blossomed, I started to get to know Miko better as well. I learned that we share the same love, the love for Jay Chou. We'll both be invariably crooning his songs during our karaoke sessions. (pretty unsual for girls to sing his songs, you know) I still remember this joke that she told, it never fails to crack me up!

Question: Which animal doesn't Jay Chou want to fetch in his car?
Answer: Elephant.......

Why: The song "Long Juen Feng" (wo bu yao zai xiang, wo bu yao zai xiang) WAHAHAHA~~~!!!!

She's not only sweet but looks the part too. She's looks really lovable, demure, amenable & full of wholesome goodness (Geez....I'm starting to sound like some ad for organic food). The cutest thing about her, is her anime expression imitation. One of the most frequently used ------------> -_-"' You gotta see her do it, to love her for it!

When I mentioned sweet, please do not be misled into thinking that she's a pushover. Afterall, she's not a Devil's Bitch for nothing. Of course it calls for a streak of bitch in each of us. If you ever make the mistake of stepping on her toes (figuratively & literally), you are in for #@%*##%!! Hahaha.... ...and boy does she scold!

I believe someone so sweet & nice deserves something really sweet & nice in return. I'm really happy for her that she has found it in the form of 'Des'. I wish you both all the best & I love you sweetie pie, thanz for being such a loyal friend. *Muacks*

Hey Miko look! I think that's the longest hair length I've ever seen you with. Posted by Picasa

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