Monday, May 21, 2012

Meeting Beano & Prince

Once again a mega big thank you to all that had contributed to Beano's medical bills! 

Meet Beano

Although Beano's head was still wrapped up, I was relieved to know that there was a marked improvement from when he was first brought in.

Sherry with a big big heart

I'm in love with that little pink nose!

I heard that just before I arrived, Beano was really active & naughty! That must means he's so much better :)

Who is the lucky one that will get to keep Beano as their pet? You perhaps? Beano needs a home ...... 

Meet Prince. Prince was rescued from a puppy mill. How can anyone be so cruel? (picture from HOPE Dog Rescue)

This is Prince now & he's the smallest sweetest thing ever ......

While Beano seems to be on the bend, Prince is not so lucky. His blood count does not seem to be going up & the vet thinks it might be the dreaded 'C'. How much more suffering can this miserable small tiny thing take? 

After meeting Prince & Beano, I know they will be close to my heart & I'll have them in all my prayers. I am thankful to HOPE Dog Rescue for reaching out to these stray and abandoned dogs. I am even more thankful for fosters, like Sherry, who opened up their hearts and homes to help rehabilitate these dogs before they are able to find a home. 

I can't do much but I'm going to continue my endeavor of raising funds for these dogs whenever the need arise. I hope you all will continue to lend your support. 

Finally Say No to Puppy Mills! Do not buy your dogs from pet shops. Adopt if you can. 

Peace out ........

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