Sunday, January 10, 2010

Salvation Army's bell ringers

I'd been back for a week now but only managed to unpack my luggage 2 hours ago :p Needless to say, blogging had to take a back seat till I'd settled all my backlogs. However, feeling extremely guilty for not blogging in such a long while, I decided to post these super super outdated pix which had been uploaded but yet no chance to blog. Better than nothing I guess .......

Volunteered with Meg to be Salvation Army's bell ringers just before we left for the UK.
We were stationed in Parkway Parade & Meg brought Woofie too
We were so proud of ourselves for having done our kind deed of the day. I'm definitely going to volunteer again this year. What about you? =D


  1. how to volunteer ? im very keen on doing volunteer works but dunno how to start

  2. Thumbs up to you!

    You can go to their website:

  3. Hey I was there on that day when I saw your message on Fb. But silly me, I didn't know you guys were at the basement :p

    It is such a good idea that Meg and you did this. Well done Mommy & Meg :)

    Perhaps I should let them do it this year Christmas.


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