Sunday, October 18, 2009

Great girly fun in Social House

I'm sorry ...... I must have had worried some of you, disappearing for so long. I had been away accompanying some doctors to a cardiology conference in Beijing. I can't wait to post those pics but before that, I think I had better post this which had been sitting in my draft for almost a month.

In a bid to cheer me up, the girls decided to bring me to do what I loved doing most ~~ DANCING!!! I found this new joint - Social House in Liang Court. I love it for the fact that they provide decent platforms for showing off my dance moves (0'O) and even allows bartop dancing if you dare. Oh ..... how I missed bartop since Devils' days. But I didn't muster enough courage to get onto it this time :p

*Juliana - I know I make a real lousy friend but in spite of everything, you never gave up on me. Thanx for watching my back.
*Marilyn - You're the best friend that anyone can ask for. You are my rock & I never fail to draw strength from your petite little frame.
*Geraldine - Though we do not keep in touch often enough, I know that I can always count on you should I need you by my side.
We met not in the most conventional of circumstances but yet had amazingly remained steadfast to each other through it all. I hope in my heart of hearts that our friendship will withstand the tribulation of time & remain forever strong, for I can't imagine what life would be like without you girls by my side.
*Denise - We may not know each other very well or long enough but I know I spotted a gem of a friend when I met you.
Arghhh ...... not quite the tone that I had wanted for this post but I just can't help getting all soppy :p My bad ~~~ now's the time to parteyy!!!
Watch a bunch of old ladies act cute - I think I hear violent protests already ~~ ok maybe it's just me that's the old lady then :p
We had a great night of girly fun!
Jolene dropped by to give me a surprise & moral support. I was so touched by her & her hubby's gesture. I guess seeing each other happy meant a great deal to the both of us. And now looking at her, I firmly believe that love & happiness is within reach for me too.
Arghh ...... the nasty part ...... I realised that I now have 0 tolerance for hard liquor. Just a sip sets off my gag reflex & so I was drinking beer while the rest were happily downing neat Martell from the bottle. Then Jolene had to get me a Flaming Lamborghini (see, she's laughing so happily in the pic!). The second I downed the entire lot, I turned around & puked everything straight out. The girls thought I was drunk but I was the most sober of all at the end of the night :p
We love dancing on the platform!
Thought I might as well flaunt it cos that's probably the last time I will wear that top to a club. Mar did an excellent job picking that sexy top out for me but all those frills was just so not me. Lol ..... but even I myself like that view from the back! :ppp

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