Tuesday, August 18, 2009

女友 Magazine

Has anyone spotted me yet? (I knew a few did.)

Where? -------- in the Lancome special of this month's 女友 (NuYou) Magazine!

It's time to blow my own trumpet because never in a million years ever will I appear in a fashion magazine. Although the circumstances that led up to it wasn't the most flattering :p

Paul: "My friend is looking for pretty executives with fairly good skin to try out a new Lancome product afterwhich you'll be featured in NuYou magazine."

Totally flattered that someone thought I was pretty with good skin and plus the chance to appear in a magazine (knowing full well that I was never model material), I leapt at the chance!

But Paul continued: "They had too many 20 year olds and was looking for people in their 30's."


Nevertheless I went for it all the same. And true enough I was the oldest one in the feature but really proud as well because if you note the skin analysis, I was the one with the best skin. Not bad for Aunty Esther!

In all honesty, Lancome Genefique truly lives up to what it claims. Within 7 days of trying Genefique, my skin had definitely showed improvement, even though my skin was fairly problem-free to start with. Make-up lasts through the day & skin tone is more even. It was evident in the skin analysis that Lancome carried out.

Pre: Hydration - 63, Sebum - 0, Firmness - 71, Cell structure - normal
Post: Hydration: 63, Sebum - 0, Firmness - 99, cell structure - normal

The result's kinda lost on me because my skin's really not too bad to start with (haha ..... time to boast again :p) but the improvement was really obvious in the rest of the other girls who were put on this trial.

2 thumbs up for Lancome Genefique! :D

Pre - Genefique

Post - Genefique

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  1. WOW !! *congrats jie!! which mag is it?! i wana c !! ^,^


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