Saturday, August 08, 2009

Attack of the EVIL internet

We are all held captives in our own little virtual world.

I realised this as I toggle between harvesting my crops in FarmVille, collaging my pictures on Picasa and training my army for world domination on Utopia, that this is what I live to do everyday. I couldn't care less (and wouldn't have known either) if the world is near the brink of collapse as long as my little pet FuFu is not starving in Pet Society.

I hardly see the need to meet my friends now since I am more in the loop than ever with FB. Gone were the days when we need to spend days agonizing and synchronizing our diaries just so that busy old pals could meet to catch up. What's the point, since most don't turn up anyway? :p And now with Twitter, I get updates by the minute as to what each one is up to; from eating cup noodles for dinner to a wedding proposal from the boyfriend.

And as I hide behind the PC, I am quite happy to be dipping my finger into the nutella jar (heavenly!) & stuffing my face silly with chocolates while I skillfully take grainy images of myself with the webcam (as above), so I can have you believe that that's how I really look like. Given my current state of being, I would so hate to leave the protection of the PC and clash face-on with the world right now. Life (and me) looks a whole lot rosier from behind here. :p

Tough ........ looks like I've been held captive in more ways than one and I don't forsee myself being free from it's clutches soon .........

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