Friday, February 27, 2009

Spain incentive trip

It feels like deja vu ...... here I am once again, a year later, blogging at the airport. This time though, I am on my way to Spain for 11days! I had meant to blog a 'proper' post before I go off for my company incentive trip but there's too many things that I had to settle before I can go off with peace of mind.

Meg was crying just before I checked in (actually I was crying too :p). We spend so much time together that it's really hard to be away from each other for even just a few days. I''m going to miss Ken & her so much :(

What's more, Uniz and her family arrived today! I had been missing them so much and now after a mere few hours together, we had to part again. Sigh .....

Anyway time's up for internet usage, I'll try log in whenever to blog a little. Let's hope this trip will be a good one *crosses fingers*

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