Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Get your sunglasses ready for this post .......... That's because the shocking pink in here would blind you! :p

Alright, I admit. It's old news once again. In fact it's so old, it dates all the way back to 2008. Actually, last night of 2008 to be precise.

We racked our brains real hard and came up with a fantabulous theme for the New Year's eve of 2008 - SHOCKING PINK JAPAN NIGHT! And boy, did we bring the house down!

Here we were, all dressed in pink Japanese fashion, in a cab on our way to Powerhouse
Kawaii neh?? Wahahaha !!
Not the most flattering of pics but this one shows nicely the hard work I'd put into imitating Japanese make-up. Look closer & you'll see that I've even got fake lower lashes!My attempt at a Japanese high bun (I'm hooked on this style now btw). Hee ....... & the rest of the hair clips ...... 'borrowed' from Meg :pKen looked every bit the part with sprayed-on pink hair & bright pink Japanese street wearZhenshun was totally hilarious with his 'little' moustache. Hahaha ...... he definitely looked like those stereotyped 'chee-ko-pek' Japanese soldiers! (no offence)
Marvin & Wendy - early birds too
Don't know why this pic refused to turn but oh well ....... 3 of us babes had arrived & all 3 of us were dressed in black shorts & pink tights! OMG!Plenty of time to cam whore while waiting for the rest to arrive
Yipee ...... Next was Marilyn darling! She was dressed in a sweet pink 'hearts' dress with cute pink stripes long socks & heels. Kawaii~~
Helped pinned Mar's hair to make her look even sweeter whileMarvin & Wendy totally dominated the cameraHaha ...... that's how much they loved seeing themselves!Dearest Mar, my deep deep love for you will never change. Even though you have ........ HARDCORE MAHJONG ADDICT! Wahahaha!!!Soon after, gorgeous babes dressed in various shades of pink started streaming in ......with their gorgeous gay-looking boys in tow :p
A special collage just for Andrew cos I love all my pics with him. Don't need to get all excited, Andrew. Read between the lines. I love seeing myself, not you! *ducks head from Andrew's flying kick*
And in case, Ken gets jealous ..... here's a nice one of us.Told them to pose like it was for Japanese EGG magazine but as usual, Denise loves popping her head into every frame.Ehhhh ...... now not quite EGG magazine material, more like 'Badi' (gay magazine). See what I mean?Jason takes the cake though. He got PMed "Hey Gorgeous" on FB by 2 guys after he posted these pics! This father of 2 was so peeved!!!Counting downAnd the craziness begun!
Chang is always the cutest. I love seeing him drunk!They no longer bother what I am snapping with my camera
Don't know where Ken dug this rubbish bag from. But the moment Zhenshun had a chance, he pulled it over Ken's head!And when they were high, all defences were down. 'Xian mei mei' in front of us?! Check out Mar's expression ....... Ed must have got it real bad when they got home! Haha .... that pic is priceless!!!*faints* Can they get any 'gayer'?Photo of the year award goes to ........ *drumrolls* ........ Kenneth! (So sorry sweetheart but this is just too good to be left out :p)
And the 1st person drunk award goes to Andrew! It was like that on the eve of 2007 & now history repeats itself. I think he intends to make it a tradition. *ducks yet another lethal blow*You want to know how drunk he is? Someone looped the balloons around his neck & without even realising the existence of those balloons, he went puking in the corner of the club with them floating over his head! And naturally, he went walking around the club with those balloons around his neck. But of course being the good friends that we are ...... we let him be! He had no inkling whatsoever till he saw these pics.The 2nd person down had to be Ken. Super a lot of pattern lor!Can't even take a photo in peace but that's what I love! To be surrounded by beloved friends.

**Disclaimer:- I am not prejudiced against gays. The comments I made here are purely directed at my friends. In fact, I have many LGBT friends & I think they are the most awesome friends one can have.

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