Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Save a dog. Save my sanity.

I miss reading. I miss watching TV programs. I miss Facebooking. I miss photography and editing photos. More than not, I miss blogging. Just take a look at this derelict blog, it is now almost defunct.

Most of the people's response to me when they learnt that I am volunteering is, "You very free ah?" I am most certainly not free! There are so many things that I can occupy my time with but its just that I have chosen to give them up for the dogs.

Looking back, it's been only a mere 4 months since I had started volunteering but it feels like the longest time ever. It is not that I do not like it and time passes slowly. But it's more like there's so much emotionally that I feel I had aged so much.

I am weak perhaps. 

But my dismay with mankind is threatening to swallow me whole. A non-profit rescue group being sued left, right, and centre, does not make sense to me.No power and no money. No matter how one attempts to right the wrongs, one is doomed to fail without those factors. And now, even I am embroiled in a lawsuit. So much time, energy and money wasted. All of which could have benefited the rescue dogs instead. It feels like air being knocked out of me and I am utterly deflated.

People's ignorance with strays and street dogs. It frustrates me no end with their incredulous stupidity. 

Day in, day out; abused dogs, abandoned dogs, injured dogs. I am not sure how much more can my bleeding heart take.

There is only this much I can do; this many dogs I can save. It tears me apart knowing that there is so many more that I can't help. 

Don't get me wrong. Nothing is going to make me stop doing what I do now. I feel knocked down but I am not defeated. My love for dogs will triumph all.

(Note: Content likely to be incoherent but it's 2am, so forgive me.)

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  1. I happened to be a random visitor to your blog site. You are a Good Samaritan. The good that you do will not go unnoticed. Deep inside of you, you are someone who cares of the world around you. There are so many people out there who are oblivious to the abuses, sufferings and brokenness. Keep caring, keep going, keep up the spirit.


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