Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pet Society

Arghhh ....... I can't believe how hooked I am. I had just wasted the entire Sunday playing Pet Society! Meg's in it with me as well but in between, I made her do some revision so that I could hog the PC ....... hee hee ........ And she knows protest will be futile because I am the mum! :p

My pet Little Fu Fu - I adopted her from Meg after she got her own FB account.

Meg's pet - Hinata

Some of my rooms

And this is Ken's pet but he had stopped playing, so Meg & I conspired to strip his house empty! *evil*


  1. time u guys do that,count me in n get me sum new stuff oso okies =P

  2. Lol ..... I want to ask stuffs from you lor! Your house is full to the brim!!! Wahahaha ......


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