Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dog-friendly restaurant - Bollywood Veggies

I'm awfully late for my date with Mr. Sandman but there's this nagging guilt at the back of my head and I just had to come up with a post. It's been way too long since I last blogged about anything other than the rescues. I'm still owing quite a few posts to the group but I'll be selfish for once :p This post isn't that far off from rescues but it's at least on the opposite spectrum. A happy post!

Celebrating Lisa's birthday over the weekend

I knew them not too long ago but they have come to be a very important group of people in my life. I am grateful for whoever is looking out for me from high above to arrange for them to be here at one of the lowest period in my life.

Gorgeous Lisa

Banana cake from Bollywood Veggies - baked from banana from their own farm

Yummy Nasi Lemak!

A beautiful 3D collage made by handi-lady Rina as a pressie for Lisa

No party is complete without doggies

My first time meeting Bandit

Such a pleasure meeting him!

Mark showing Bandit some love

Popsicle the boss

Meet Snapple!

Sweet sweet Laurel

Chelsea is Lisa's sweetheart

Dog whisperer??

Dogs are the angels in my life ♥♥♥
Bollywood Veggies
100 Neo Tiew Road,
Singapore 719026 (Kranji)

Tel: (+65) 6898 5001 

OPEN ON: Wed to Sun & Pub.Holidays from 9 am to 6.30pm

Note: Dinner is not available as they close at 6.30pm

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